Everyone can take pictures, but not everyone can take nice pictures in the photo booth. So what are the besting ways to use a photo booth? In this post, we would be sharing some of the insights and tips with you to get the million dollar shot from the booth!

Be Relax!

In order to get some nice shots, you will need to make yourself feel relax and fun mode must be ON! Only when you are in a fun and relax state of mind, you can then take photos with wonderful and captivating expressions. You can’t take nice shots when you are lost, nervous or tense! Candid shots of you smiling and looking away from the cameras are the best so far!

Ask some friends to join in!

What’s fun without your friends? Grab some people together with you and take some shots together. As the saying goes, “The more, the merrier?” In this case, the more is definitely the merrier. Spread the joy and laughter and capture some of the most creative poses and shots as a whole. Have a big group of people? No problem! Just squeeze in and make some ugly/funny faces and wait for the end result! In most cases, one of the people would have a unglam shot! Haha

Grab some funky props

Feeling “naked” or empty without holding on to anything? Grab some props to have a whole new experience! It could be something simple like handheld props or for those adventurous and cheeky ones, wear the head mask! People would definitely think that they invited a horse to their party and wedding! But just a tip! Never grab too many props! The reason is simple. Grabbing many props at one shot will make your shot looks messy and disoriented. Always remember, simplicity is always the way to go!

Tilt to your best looking angle

We often hear people say “Eh Eh Eh, wrong angle.” and “Eh, this angle very uglam.” Sounds familiar? Before taking the picture at the booth, remember to tilt to the angle that best showcase your facial feature. This would definitely minimise the time spent in the booth and would not hog up the queue. Who knows, you may be done in a single shot!

We hope the above insights would help you to get the million dollar shot from the booth! At The Story Box. Co, we will provide the best lighting and the best settings to achieve that shot! All these are definitely a factor to achieving the best shot!

Signing off!