1. How does the StoryBox works?

Easy as pie: Guests step-up to the touchscreen and press “start” then a countdown begins. At the end of the countdown, a flash goes off and the photo is taken. Depending on the layout, theStoryBox can snap 1-4 photos per session. After the session is complete, a high resolution glossy photo prints instantly for your guests to take with them. Guests can also choose sharing options (email, text, Facebook, twitter) or elect to print additional copies.

2. Are the printouts unlimited?

Absolutely! Unlimited prints are included in all packages so the fun will never stop for your guests.

3. Will a photo booth attendant be present at our event?

Yes. A professional attendant will be present during the entire rental period to help your guests operate and maximize their photo booth experience.

4. What’s needed for the photo booth setup?

Our setup takes about 8ft x 8ft / 2.5m x 2.5m of space. We will generally need a long table for the props, a powerpoint to run the booth and a well lit venue would be most ideal.

5. I was quoted cheaper for an event with unlimited printing. Can The Story Box Co. match the price?

We take pride in offering the highest quality entertainment and photos at a fair price. You spend so much time and money on your big day, don’t gamble on a cheap photo booth that could stop working or ruin your great memories with blurry, poorly lit photos. Our equipment is the most expensive state of the art available and it will work wonderfully at your event guaranteed. Our prices are all inclusive so find out what you are not getting first from the less expensive companies. There are many excellent photo booth companies and we are competitively priced with them. However even the best of them can’t offer full spectrum continuous lighting, high speed lab quality printers, or 18 mega pixel cameras.

6. Do you do corporate events?

The Story Box is perfect for: weddings, trade shows, marketing events, corporate functions, big celebratory birthday bashes, product launches , christmas parties, etc.. Basically, anywhere you want your guests or customers to have a blast and have a branded momento to take home with them.

7. How far in advance to we have to book?

We recommend booking it 2 to 3 weeks earlier or as soon as possible to ensure you reserve your date because our schedule fills up quickly. However, we never like saying no, so if we can make it happen for you we will.

8. How long does it take for the photos to print?

The 4R photos print in approximately 9.5 seconds and  4.5 seconds for photo strips. Generally by the time you are out of the booth, the images have already printed.

9. We already have a photographer, why do we need a photo booth?

To inject elements of fun into your event and to provide unprecedented amount of entertainment for your guests. Most importantly, your guests are able to get the prints almost instantly. That would save you the trouble of printing the photos for your guests after the event.

10. How can we share the photos with our family and friends?

We will upload all the photos to our online gallery where your friends and family can download them for free, tag them to Facebook, or order more prints easily.

11. Can I order more prints after the event?

Why not? Just contact us.

12. Can we add a special message or logo on each photo?

Certainly! It can be added into your print template, for free!

13. Can we customise a photo template design to suit my theme?

Yup why not? All packages include free customised photo template, we can design anything from scratch that will suit your theme. We will go over this with you before the event and act upon your approval.

14. Do you provide the props?

Yup. We’ve got them all – silly ones, serious ones, and everything in between.

15. Can we provide our own props?

Of course. We welcome all forms of creativity and enjoy seeing all sorts of random props.

16. Is set-up and take-down included in The Story Box package?

Almost everything is included in the package. We will arrive 1 hour before your event to set up and need about 30 minutes to pack, depending on venue. If you would like us to arrive earlier to setup, a fee of $100 will be charged for every additional hour.

17. Are we able to view the photos instantly?

They can indeed! Images are view-able within seconds of taking them on a digital touch screen display facing the guests.

18. Can we use the photo booth to help raise money for our charity, school or church?

Do contact us and we will try our best to accommodate to your needs. We are definitely open to doing our part for the society.

19. How many people can fit inside the photo booth?

Because it’s an “open style” booth, the number of people that will fit in it can vary and depends on the size of the space provided for the booth. We’ve seen more than 14-16 people in there at once! More can be fitted in if the backdrop is further away TheStoryBox.

20. Can I choose my own backdrop?

If you don’t see the perfect backdrop for your event, we can work together to create a custom backdrop (or scene) that fits your needs (include additional charges). We can also super creative and design a scene based on an idea you had in your dream. Who knows? Tell us your wild ideas and I bet we can find a way to make your vision come to life.

21. How many hours can we have the photo booth at our event?

A minimum of 2 hours. Do contact us to enquire on the various packages we offer. Outside of our packages, each additional hour of service is $100.